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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

To Kirwan...


Monday, October 09, 2006

Alex's AIDS Escapades: Volume 1

Last Thursday, Jessica and I visited the Michaelle House, which as Clark explained, is somewhat of a safe haven and assisted living home for this living with the HIV/AIDS virus. We were a bit nervous heading in, and honestly we weren't totally aware of what we were going to be asking whoever we interview. However we were greeted by a very warm and welcoming man wearing socks with sandals, named Richard Reynolds. Richard brought Jessica and I into the living room, asked us if we were hungry, offered us something to drink, then we sat down and popped the questions.

We learned a lot about Richard and how he has faced AIDS, as he has been living with it for 23 years now. He loves fashion, shopping, and Ricky Martin kareoke. He also told us about some of the activities the Michaelle house participates in to promote the AIDS awareness cause, such as the Michaelle walk, a 10-mile walk which is held biannually to raise money to support AIDS relief efforts. At a few points in the interview we were introduced to a few more residents of the Michaelle House such as Gerald Underwood, a nurse whose name I wasn't able to grab, and one of their two dogs, named Berry. After a while we left the room and Richard showed us the rest of the house, including his bedroom, the kitchen, the main (front) living room, and the back yard pool.

After this, Jessica and I felt we had all the information we needed for the moment, and we parted.


Saturday, October 07, 2006

Clark's visit to the Michaelle house

So I have never gone outside of my bubble. You hear a lot about problems that the world is going through, but like most of the people my age I haven't seen those problems first hand. My visit to the Michaelle house (Pronounced "Michelle") was quite a different experience than what I am used to.

I called the house yesterday (Friday) in the early afternoon to finaly get myself in going. I was somewhat nervous seeing how I have never actualy interacted with those who have AIDS. For anyone reading who does not know, which I am sure is everyone, the Michaelle house is one of only two licensed houses for AIDS victims in San Diego county. I arrived around 2:30, and much to my suprised the house seemed like a regular house. It was slightly larger than your average home, but that is because of the number of residents it holds. I ended up talking with some girl who was volunteering there, I don't remember her names because my memory is horrible. She was from Cal State San Marcos and it was her third day there. She told me what she does there is basicaly what she does with her friends, you talk, watch tv, play a game, just anything normal. I was suprised because I was expecting some hospital like environment, but I felt very welcome.

I was lucky enough to get an interview with one of the head people of the houses, Marty. Marty is a kind lady who devotes tons of her time to the residents at both the Michaelle house in Vista and the Fraternity house in Escondido. She basicaly explained to me what it is like to live there and how people can volunteer. She was nice enough to let me record the conversation I had with her. She gave me some paperwork for myself and the rest of the AIDS brigade. Then I left.

I'm done with this blog.
I guess I will have more later.
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Whoever you are.


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Monday, September 25, 2006

The Aids Brigade: The AIDS Brigade

The Aids Brigade: The AIDS Brigade

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I visited Michaelle House, a home which provides care for people who are disabled with HIV/AIDS. The home houses twelve residents, four women and eight men. The home has different activities for the residents, such as two pianos for the musicians in the house, a t.v. room for those who enjoy movies, and many board games.

Now I am going to share my experience with anyone who is interested. As I walked up to the front door of the home I was greeted by one of the residents of Michaelle House. He was very friendly and excited to tell me about his grandchildren, their many achievements, and how proud he was of them. After I walked in I was asked to wait in the living room, there I met another one of the residents. He too was very friendly, he asked me a few questions about myself, and later politely excused himself because he needed fresh air. Justminutess after the second resident walked away, I met yet another resident. The third resident I met was very helpful, he took it upon himself to tell me what Michaelle House does for it's residents and how volunteers can help.

Before I left I was given a nice tour of the home by the assistant director. At the end of the day I was just so amazed with the residents of the home and how optimistic they seemed. I realized how unimportant the little things I sometimes complain about are. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

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